A request for diagrams for the sixth COS convention book on the occasion of "The 10th International Origami Convention "

On the occasion of our 10th International Origami Convention in the Czech Republic a collection of origami models will be created for the sixth time. Share with us diagrams of your models. If your diagram is included in this book, we will send you the book in digital form.



* Diagrams should be understandable and with the correct symbolism.
* Diagrams created on the computer are preferred.
* If you send a CP (crease pattern), attach a picture of the finished model (300 dpi, JPG format).
* Diagrams will be accepted in PDF, Illustrator and Corel Draw.


Each contribution should include:

* Names of the author and the diagram creator
* Nationality of the author


Diagrams will be accepted until the 30th of September 2017. Send your diagrams to this e-mail address: cosconvention12@gmail.com


Copyright Česká origami společnost /Czech Origami Society